HCC is a place where people connect to move God's work forward.


We would like to thank you for your visit to Harvest Christian Center's (HCC) website. We are delighted you dropped in. If you are new in the area or just looking for a change in your place of worship, we would like for you to consider HCC.

HCC is a church in motion and a church of action. Our goal is to be an active church where the family is the focal, and essential, point of study and worship. "A family that prays together stays together." Our desire is to be a place of worship where every member of the family can contribute and be involved as well as achieve a refreshing spiritual life. We want to be able to meet each family member's need and act in response to each situation with love, kindness, and humility.

For those individuals who have no family HCC invites you to become part of our family.

Our aspiration is to mature spiritually as we grow in numbers. Our expectation is that each family who attends HCC will prosper and be in good health as their soul prospers. A church you want to bring your friends to. A place where you can raise your children. A place where worship is free. A place where every time you attend a service you learn something new. A place that feels like home.

Please do not hesitate to contact Harvest Christian Center if there is anything we can do to assist you. You may send me a personal note or request right now by clicking here.

In Christ Service,
Bishop James D. Binion
Lead Pastor