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We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera should also work.
We recommend downloading the latest version of these browsers, as there are many security and performance improvements in the latest versions. The versions used for testing this website were:

Latest Browser editions can be downloaded from these links:

Please note, on some browser download pages they may have different options selected for downloading additional components or software. Make sure you uncheck all boxes for things you don't want before hitting the download button.
While you don't have to enable Javascript to view this site some of the features will be missing if it is turned off. Some of the features that require Javascript are:

  • Front panels scrolling
  • Selecting alternate music videos from the Music page
  • Selecting alternate messages from the Message page
All music videos and messages are hosted by and require that Flash be enabled in your browser. Flash is a free and safe component to add to your browser. Just follow the instructions to download and install.
Yes, the iPad does some things differently. There are some features that simply won't work in the iPad, and some that we've provided work-arounds for. Here are the differences we've found so far:

  1. In order to scroll the various lists you must use a 'two-finger swipe'.
  2. When selecting a video to play the video will not automatically start playing. You must press the PLAY button.
  3. For non-iPad users you have the option of playing all the songs in the list. iPad does not support this option.
  4. Some things display and work differently in the iPad. The things we've noted are the Blogs page, but there could be others.

If you still have a question, send us an email